Man. This made my entire year. ♥️

I’ve been unloading some gear sitting around the house. It was so important to me that it went to a good home. I went through the run around of people being wishy-washy with me, trying to lower my already low prices and just being plain annoying on online marketplaces. 

I was about to have a bit of a fit and give up. But then something happened that reminded me about what music is really about. 

I received a message from Rhonda inquiring about one of my very old guitars I was selling. She explained that she was purchasing it for her daughter as a surprise for her birthday. 

I automatically became a complete ball of mush and got incredibly nostalgic. 

“Can I bring my daughter to meet you as part of the surprise? And would you be willing to autograph the guitar for her?”

And that’s when my heart exploded. 

Sometimes it’s hard for me to put things in perspective. As an artist we are our own worst critics. Our successes seem to shrink in comparison to our failures. 

I had only been asked to sign a couple autographs in my life. Each time, I felt very strange and wondered why they would want one from someone like me. I’m just a girl from Okotoks who still lives in her parents basement. 

But then I remembered what it was like to be a young girl getting her first guitar. I held it like it was the most fragile and precious thing I had ever put my hands on. I remember meeting some of my heroes with stars in my eyes. They could bat an eyelash and I would still be completely enamoured. 

So about an hour after I got the message, there was a knock at my door and there was Rhonda and little Anaya. ♥️ This spitfire of a little lady was so excited and reminded me of myself when I was her age. 

I presented her with the well-loved guitar and she held it the same way I used to. She told me that she would sleep with her new guitar right beside her and if her brothers wanted to touch her birthday present, they would have to ask her twice. 

I realized that she was going to bring new life into this guitar that had sat around my house for years. It made me tear up a little. 

It’s easy to forget the magic of music when you do it for a living. But it is moments like this that make all the craziness of my job worth it. At the end of the day, it’s not about playing big stages, having a chart topping song or winning awards. It’s about keeping that fire alive in you. Dreaming that anything is possible. Loving the feeling you get when a song takes over your body. 

Anaya, I can’t wait to hear all the beautiful music you’re going to make. Thank you for reminding me what music is all about. I hope you had the worlds best birthday ♥️